Success in any endeavour depends on the degree to which it is an expression of your true self.

Ralph Marston

About Us

in short

We play by the rules. We are nature lovers. We love what we do. And we try to be better than yesterday, everyday. That is us, at Winnou.

None of us is the best in what we do. But together, we sure know how to bring some interesting ideas to life.

meet the team

hands behind the magic

Rajagopal Yadavalli

As the architect of Winnou, he drives the strategic vision of the company. It is his concepts and ideas that give life to the software that the company develops.

Madhavi Induri

She is a quiet pillar of strength for the company. As the go to person for all new software design activities, Madhavi acts a backbone to the development team.

Nitin Sharma

Often perceived as guy who livens up a room, Nitin is perfect for his role as the Chief Sales Officer. He is remarkably good at coordinating tasks and following up on action items, and thus is the source of energy for his team on most days.

Raghuveer Suryadevara

A more detail oriented person, we dare you to find. Raghu is incredible when it comes to software testing. Needless to say, he has been driving the development team nuts since he has taken over testing. Owing to his boundless patience, he also serves as the head of our support team.

Goutam Reddy

Gifted with the knack of perfectly translating customer requirements into technical specs, Goutam has earned himself a part in the more complex product development initiatives at Winnou. He quickly earned the respect of his colleagues for his sincere passion for everything he takes up.

Sri Nikitha Jeripothula​

Software development is her passion and music is her solace. She likes to take initiative and has taken up management roles in community development.

Sarath Kumar

His interst in movies is just not limited to just watching them, but he has made some short films during his student days. He keeps himself fit to volunteer for the annual Rath Yatra at his native village. He is well travelled and has visited many of the temples of South India.

Suresh Kumar

Teachers can actually be doers, says Suresh. Having spent almost a decade in teaching computer science students, he started his corporate stint with Winnou. His new born daughter keeps him busy at home.

Sai Teja Thatikonda

A pianist that spends his free time understanding the nuances of the General Theory of Relativity, Sai Teja finds himself developing web and android applications at He brings a fresh energy and new perspective to team discussions.

Arun Nalluri

A geek who needs his dose of tech everyday. He spends his free time helping community and has participated in international leadership development initiatives.

Mohammed Mushtaque

Automobiles have always been part of my life, and I'm sure they always will be. What is it about them that ignites me as a "Petrolhead"? Well, the design of the car, that sound of the exhaust, & the list goes on and on... “Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.”

Triveni Gunnam

A movie lover who ventured into the world of ball badminton during college, Triveni is a new addition to the development team. She brings an interesting balance to her team with her sharp wits and deep passion for learning.


wish to be part of us?

Winnou thrives on innovation.

At Winnou, you have the ability to make a difference, to influence the way organization works and grows. Every member of Winnou is passionate about researching, developing, marketing and implementing opensource IT solutions. 

We live and breathe intrapreneurship.

We believe one can innovate from within too. At Winnou, you can always expect to be an activator of ideas and people. 

Typcial roles that we recruit to are business analysts with focus on education sector, web application developers with experience in PHP and MySQL, UI developers with experience in development of templates for Joomla!

Fresh Graduate Recruitment

We recruit very limited number of fresh graduates that stand out of the crowd. Our normal fresher recruitment cycle starts with an offer of internship to select final year students of MBA, MCA, B. Tech programs. Please bear in mind that the number of profiles we receive for internships far outnumbers the number of openings we have in a given year. As such these positions are extremely competitive. At the end of internship period, successful candidates will be offered a full-time employment opportunity with us. 

Send Your Resume

If you are interested in working with us, please submit your profile to along with a cover letter indicating your area of interest and how you think you will be an interesting addition to our team.

There’s few things we enjoy more than having new minds joining us. Don’t think too much, just send us your resume and grant us the chance to know you.

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