This module is used to effectively communicate with staff and students at any given time.


  • Mass communicate with large groups of stakeholders at the same time

  • Instant delivery of information to set of recipients at a scheduled date and time

  • Access to information at any given time in the recipients logins

  • Environmental friendly process; saves paper and energy

  • Accepts multiple file formats as attachments

  • Saves time and minimizes effort


  • User friendly content editor with MS Office like features making content editing easier

  • Facility to upload images

  • Built in option to spell check the content

  • File manager allows different file formats as attachments

  • Instant notification to the recipient(s) in their logins

  • Scheduling of circulars to be delivered at a specific date and time

  • Download attachments

  • View history of circulars with sender’s name and date/time

  • Restrict access to send circulars to authorized staff members