The purpose of this module is to enable a multi-channel communication system and deploy the appropriate method for each specific message type and situation.


  • The multi-channel communication engine runs in the background and can be configured to act in predefined ways for specific events. The channels included are

  • physical printed letters that are printed on demand,

  • emails

  • SMS sent on demand or automatically

  • intranet messages

  • discussion boards

  • instant chat and

  • facebook type social media network (campus portal) within your campus

  • Smartphone mobile alerts and notifications


  • Print parent letters on demand with attendance and test results

  • Send SMS to parents and students

  • Send newletters to potential students (pre-admissions marketing) or to alumni.

  • Use campus portal and/or SMS for reaching out to all stakeholdres instantly

  • Notifications board on campus portal replaces your physical notice boards in the corridors

  • Auto SMS alerts for pre-defined events. Inform stakeholders (parents, students, faculty, administration staff) of pre-defined events such as fee due, fee payment, attendance shortage, library book due date, exam fees due date and other important college events

  • Lets students and faculty create groups for either academic or extra curricular activities.

  • Setup events upon which a message (email, SMS) has to be fired to a group or individual

  • Push email and SMS manally to all stakeholders