The purpose of this module is to enable faculty and students to effectively plan and monitor the progress of the course work.


  • Clear and transparent view of plan and progress of course work at a subject level across the institution.

  • A single point information source for all students and faculty of the syllabus and its completion status.

  • Integrated with lesson planner, this module ensures that faculty plan and follow up on the plan to cover the syllabus in the given time period.

  • Lets management review status of course work and ensure compliance to planned activity.

  • Alerts to Course Co-ordinators and Course Directors in case of deviations from plan

  • Standardize teaching plans for courses across the institution, and allow for minor deviations by individual faculty.


  • Upload syllabus for each subject

  • Students and faculty can download and view, but cannot change

  • Edit permission provided to Course Co-ordinators and Course Directors only

  • Can be reused for next academic year, if there is no change in the syllabus.

  • Quick view of planned vs actual syllabus completion for each course

  • Design Master Lesson Plan for each course and apply it automatically everytime

  • Let facutly make changes to Lesson Plan after approval of Course Directors

  • Students can view topics planned to be taught for any future date and come prepared for the class

  • Lesson planner is integrated to time-table and college almanac