Faculty Profiles

The purpose of this module is to have up to date faculty profiles available for view by all stakeholders of the institute. 


  • Always have updated faculty profiles on hand, available at the click of a button

  • Updates at the source, by the faculty means easy to keep the profiles up to date and error free

  • Easily disseminate news of publications, events and journals by institute faculty

  • Students have more in depth background knowledge of the faculty, means they can better utilize the strengths of the faculty. 

  • One click generation of AICTE reports with respect to faculty achievements during a date range

  • Make faculty profiles available to general public on the institute web site


  • Profiles are published in standard AICTE formats

  • Faculty can update their own profiles at any time

  • Data is collected in standard format, so complete data is always

  • Profiles include education, work experience, publications (journals, books..), events 

  • Completion percentage display in a dashboard to enable management to follow up on individual faculty

  • Completion percentage display to encourage faculty to complete their profile (as in LinkedIn)