Outsourced Product Development

When it comes to Joomla! and custom development on this popular open source CMS, our in house experience in this area is unparalleled in India. We have been working with Joomla! ever since 2006 and have developed more than 250 custom components and over 50 different modules.

This expertise has allowed us to help some of our customers in development of software products. We continue to support our customers in rolling out new instances of these products as well as in maintenance and enhancements to these products. Where applicable, we have taken on a more active role in various areas such as product management and sales and marketing activities.

We build deep relationships with our customers by providing unparalleled transparency in the delivery cycle and activities, and have continued to work as an offshore extension of the client IT team much beyond the product development phase. We believe in ensuring customer success – always looking for ideas to deliver the maximum possible value for a given input.


A sample list of products developed for our clients



An innovative solution that mirrors your organization at various levels from a customer perspective on a continous basis. 

Performitor collects customer feedback regularly, and presents the analysis and changing trends in customer perception of the organization, its products, processes, people and performance.  

It is a value added tool that helps the operations manager in identifying areas of improvement and coaching employees to be the best they can be.

This product was developed for Forum Business Research, a Netherlands based firm.  

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Based on the idea of intelligent juror selection this tool (Jury Deliberation and Selection Measure) allows attorneys to gather background information on potential jurors to identify the most appropriate jurors for the case on hand. 
JDSM has native web interface along with iOS and Android OS specific apps that are available on App Store and Google Play Store respectively. Subsequently, JDSM Lite, a light weight free app was also released to address business needs. 
This product was developed for the ideator, Biff Pettingill, a Florida based consulting economist. 

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This web-based software tool offers four modules to monitor, benchmark and rank the competitiveness of investment locations through: FDI rankings, tables, graphs and time series, financial analysis tools, best practices and report functions.

LocationSelector provides detailed business intelligence for over 200 countries and 350 cities, saving you time and resources. The database is regularly updated, so it stays relevant. 

Locationselector was developed for IC Associates, an FDI advisory firm based in Netherlands. 

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A SCADA application to monitor production activities in a manufacturing plant for concrete sleepers, this software was developed for Rail Technologies. 
Along with hardware partners SR Technologies, Winnou designed and developed the solution as per the system requirements. A version 2.0 of the software has been released. This software has been deployed in over 16 manufacturing plants across India. 
A dedicated team to support this software works at Winnou in helping in day to day maintenance and periodic enhancements. 

Only Joomla!

We only work with Joomla! Why? Because we are fascinated by it. It is quite simply the next best thing to sliced bread. Really.

Joomla! provides a ready, flexible, scalable framework for web application development. Starting in 2006, we have evolved with the evolving Joomla! framework, contributing to it in our own small way.

If it is web apps development, Joomla! can do it. And when it comes to Joomla!, we know we are one of the best.

Tools and Processes

Simple, effective tools to ensure transparency in the process