The now famous facebook app exercise at Stanford is in stark contrast to what is being taught at engineering and business schools in India. Courses based on concepts drawn from the industry and research dominate the class work in the top schools of USA.  Coursework in Indian Universities is still based on textbooks designed some decades ago.

In a recent conversation with a Carnegie Mellon graduate turned entrepreneur, I listened to him express his frustration with the fact that the basic metullurgy taught in some of the best engineering undergraduate programs in India is still the same as it was about 30 years ago! How come? What good is it? Even a not so "sexy" subject as metullurgy has gone through a sea change in the last 10-15 years. But our students are ill equipped to handle the latest given that they are learning some old technology concepts - even considering that they may be learning it better than anyone else in the world,  it is pretty useless. 

As long as our professional education remains in the clutches of lethargic Universities and beaurecratic AICTE's regulated environment, we cannot expect such innovation in our schools.  Thank fully, there are a few who are challenging the system and trying to create students that can "think". International School of Engineering, Hyderabad is one such. Wish them good luck and would like to see more of them.