Internship Tracker

This purpose of this module is to enable academic faculty and college to track, mentor and guide summer interns through their summer internship program and make it a richer experience for the students.


  • Summer interns can be effectively mentored to make their first professional world exposure more richer

  • Guide the interns every day using the daily diary
  • Student submits periodical (weekly) internship reports for review and course corrections by the academic guide or faculty
  • Sets clear expectations to the student in terms of what is required to be done by them during their summer internships
  • Ensures student is focused on the internship work and not distracted
  • Allows student to connect with academic guide during summer internship period for clarifications


  • Setup summer internship program and reporting schedule¬†

  • Assign academic guides for each student going on a summer internship
  • Allow student to update their daily diary and further submit periodical reports
  • Notify student submissions to faculty and allow them to send feedback to the students
  • Notifiy academic guides of process non-compliance by the students so corrective actions can be taken up in time
  • Escalate further non-compliance to the Heads of Departments and Deans of the institution