Leave Management

This purpose of this module is to manage staff leave astutely with a flexible multi level reporting structure and bio metrics system.


  • Improve compliance to organizational leave policies

  • Reduces manual processes in maintaining staff attendance and leave tracking

  • Quick and accurate information on staff leave history helps in making effective decisions for leave approvals

  • Transparency in the process facilitates accurate pay roll processing   

  • Graphical reports on staff attendance and trend analysis for decision making


  • Configurable leave policy that is flexible to accomodate your needs

  • Checks for available leave during the process of leave application

  • Staff can be required to identify and notify substitute staff to cover their duties

  • Complex multi-level leave approval workflow can be configured by setting up leave approver hierarchy

  • Notifications to the leave applicant and approver(s) through out the approval work flow

  • Leave is integrated with attendance and payroll process

  • Automatically calculates leave entitlement

  • Provides accurate information on all cumulative and non cumulative leaves availed by staff