Lesson Planner

The purpose of this module is to enable faculty to draft and track their course delivery plans for the term.


  • Improved communication and transparency

  • Students are better prepared for the class knowing fully well in advance the topic to be covered during a class

  • Management can track the progress of the course and ensure better compliance


  • Plan and publish at a session level

  • Master lesson plan that can be reused and customized by faculty year after year

  • Approved Master lesson plans for a subject/course that act as a guideline for faculty

  • Enable faculty to update and publish their lesson plans from the default master lesson plan

  • Faculty can update the actual topic covered during their class, so planned vs actual reports can be obtained

  • Students can view the lesson plan as well as actual topics and track progress of the course

  • Management has complete view of the progress of the course delivery

  • Topic and schedule for the day is pushed to the students and faculty on their daily schedule