The purpose of this module is to setup, schedule and track student assessments. Based on configuration a variety of assessment models are possible. 


  • Track individual students performance across multiple years

  • Continuous assessment as well as end term exams
  • Result analysis reports highlight anomalies at institution, batch, subject and student level
  • Dashboards to monitor exam results trends at a summary level
  • Apply promotion and detention rules to easily identify and segregate students
  • Easy calculation of final grade for the subject, as well as GPA and CGPA
  • Students and parents can view exam results (both sessionals and final exams) online
  • Auto alerts (notifications on mobile) to alert stakeholders of published results


  • Set up assessment model per subject, batch or program (continous assessment tests, weightage in final grade)

  • Sessional marks entry
  • Automatic calculation of contribution of sessional marks for final grade based on weightage¬†
  • Entry of final marks either by data entry operators at Exam branch or by faculty (configurable)
  • Publish final exam results and grades to students¬†
  • Print parent letters with continous assessment results (or final marks), ready to be mailed
  • Send email and mobile notifications to students and parents informing them of results
  • Student backlog list displaying failed exams
  • Subject wise failed list students for the faculty and administration purposes
  • Print progress reports