Mentor Mentee System

The purpose of this module is to streamline the mentor mentee interactions and increase the efficiency of this program at institutions.


  • Better monitoring of interactions between mentor and mentee

  • Alerts and notifications of scheduled meetings, so they are conducted in time

  • Escalations of non-compliance

  • Easy to view tracking history of progress achieved and meeting minutes of all interactions


  • Configurable Mentor Mentee mappingĀ 

  • History of mentor mentee interactions are transferred to a new mentor when a new mentor is assigned

  • Mentor mentee interactions are only visible to mentor & mentee by default, and to roles that have been assigned such permissions

  • Mandatory scheduling of next meeting, recorded in calendars of mentor and mentee

  • Alerts to mentor and mentee on scheduled day

  • A balanced score card view to easily track progress against the most important four configurable tracks

  • Visual color coded display of interactions schedule for a mentor

  • When mentor mentee minutes are not updated on time, such events are escalated