New Feature Alert: Introduction of Non-CGPA courses

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Regular courses normally are part of CGPA/SGPA calculations. We can now add courses (subjects) to your offering that do not impact student CGPA or SGPA. These courses can carry credits, have classes and you can even conduct exams and award grades to the students – only that these grades and credits would not be included in the calculation of student CGPA/SGPA. They can also be printed on your consolidated marks memos and grade sheets. It is a choice you make when defining the course (subject), should this be a CGPA course or non-CGPA course.You may also decide not to conduct exams for some of these subjects, and this is possible with the right setup when defining your subjects in onEdu.

onEdu offers a comprehensive solution to manage the courses offered, student attendance, exam registrations and is tightly integrated into a full fledged Controller of Exams module for your Institution.