New Feature Alert: Take a walk on your Virtual Campus!

Go ahead. Now you can walk the corridors of your virtual campus just as you would in your physical campus. With a real time dashboard on your laptop/mobile you can see the live classrooms in play, the faculty, number of students, sections. And not just that. Touch any of them, and you are in their classroom to review what is actually happening in the classroom.

Description: Whoever thought that we would be doing this just a few months ago. Covid has taught us many things and we continue to be amazed with the rate of adoption of new features by our colleges. College Deans, Principal, Vice-Chancellors, Registrars, HODs can take walk in their virtual campuses now, attend a class without actually disturbing it. The real time view gives you an idea of the classes that started on time, that had a delayed start and those that have not started yet! You would not have thad this view ever.. and don’t blame us if you start wishing for this view when your physical classes start!

Availability: Conditional availability for institutions that have enabled online classrooms either on Google or Zoom.

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