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onEdu is a framework of loosely coupled modules that address the needs of specific areas of managing an educational institution. Each of these modules can be turned on or off based on your needs. Now, what exactly makes us unique? 

Read on.

We fully understand that attendance management is not just about students, subjects and faculty. That is why we designed our modules to handle various nuances that can exist, right from electives, lab batches to bio-metric, RFID integrated automated attendance management for a University.

We know that one solution does not fit all the same. That is exactly why we have the plug and play features, giving you the option to choose the features to implement. If you just want a solid Evaluation module for your exams management, you get just that. We promise to ensure you have all the right sub-systems necessary.

We worked with numerous customers and have analysed the processes that work best and incorporated them into onEdu. For example, there are 5 variations in the attendance processes that are handled by onEdu. Similar is the case for other modules. More than likely, we have the solution that’s perfect for you. But in case we don’t, we build it – just for you.

While we have built-in the industry’s best practices across the software, we know that for the software to be successful it has to meet the customers’ unique needs. We make it happen. This is your software – the way you want it.



We have numerous videos uploaded on YouTube to make sure you have the smoothest journey with us at all times.

live demo instance

get a little taste

Now you can access a demo instance of onEdu and see how some of the best institutes are running their colleges.

Why don’t you give it a try? Just click on the icon to login as that user role in our demo instance.

Get Started.

Click on the icon to download the onEdu app for students from Play Store or App Store.

For additional info on the features available in the software, you should spare some time and check out our YouTube channel.

There is a demo link in the app that will allow you to login as a student or a faculty and see the features available for each role. Have fun.

We will be happy to show you a live demo of the features in a video call. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a live demo.

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