Online Exams

The purpose of this module is provide a quick and easy tool to assess strengths and weaknesses of the students.


  • Enhance students overall academic performance with continuous participation

  • Assess student’s knowledge in specific and generic professional related skills

  • Provide detailed feedback to students and identify improvement opportunities

  • Monitor individual student performance in all the tests

  • People independent evalution process

  • Reduces faculty work time in preparing assessments and providing feedback on the learning outcomes.

  • Accessed from anywhere at a predefined time

  • Practice to attempt exam within a specific duration simulating actual exam conditions


  • Toppers leader board

  • Random question display deters student malpractice

  • Ability to add and/or upload questions category wise, chapter wise with multiple difficulty levels defined

  • Different question styles multiple choice questions ( MCQ) and true/false

  • Ability to add images to questions

  • Configurable quiz set up to display question random/sequential, timer, email alerts, view answersheet, score display and many more

  • Flexiblity to continue the quiz even after any interuption to the exam facilitates student to complete it till the schedule time limit.

  • Negative marking of questions

  • Ability to conduct exam for multiple academic sections at once.

  • Answersheets are archived and can be viewed at any point of time.

  • Reuse blue print for multiple quizzes.