This purpose of this module is to make the life of a placement officer easy. onEdu has a depth of funtionality that not only manages student resumes, but also allows short listing by various filter criteria and tracks individual students through every recruitment process they attend and generates trend reports. Combined with online aptitude test tracker, this module becomes a must have for every placements office. 


  • Manage student resumes online in a standard format for the institution

  • Filter students based on criteria established by recruiting firm saving tons of time for the placement officer
  • Download zipped pdf versions of resumes of shortlisted students to be shared with recruiting firms
  • Publish recruitment calendar and events to students and solicit interest
  • Notify students through SMS and mobile alerts
  • Track students progress through various recruitment events and analyse student strengths and weaknesses
  • Generate summary level reports on placement office performance as well as individual student performance
  • A central database of all recruitment firms ever contacted – ready list for use in future


  • Allow students to update portions of their resume. Certain areas of resume are automatically generated based on information in other modules

  • Review and approve student resumes for publishing
  • Add recruitment firms and their events, along with job profiles
  • Publish events to students and solict interest from the students
  • Filter interested candidates with criteria given by the recruitment firm and provide the firm a short list of qualified students along with their resumes
  • Notify shortlisted students by email, SMS and mobile alerts
  • Track student attendance in each event and their progression through each recruitment process¬†
  • View student student performance reports in recruitment events
  • Make a list of students weak in certain areas of recruitment (for example, students that fail to make an impression in group discussions always)
  • Generate reports on list of placed students, number of companies visiting the campus, number of offers made by each firm