Student Feedback

The purpose of this module is to make it easy for college to collect and collate student feedback that can be used to improve the teaching process


  • Graphical color coded dashboards to highlight exceptional faculty

  • Immediate feedback to faculty rather than after a prolonged manual process

  • Feedback can be a continuous process rathern than a term end snapshot

  • Avoid mistakes in data processing¬†

  • Trend reporting that can help in analysing long term faculty feedback ratings

  • Changes in questionnaires can be implemented easily within a few steps

  • Complete anonymity for the feedback providers


  • Very configurable solution that allows you to tailor it to your specific needs

  • Define or change questionnaire on your end, by yourself

  • Create predefined schedules for feedback and publish them to specific classes

  • Students can login and provide feedback from anywhere, anytime

  • Can define multiple questionnaires – one for each course

  • Can have rating type questions as well as open text answer type questions

  • Feedback can be given for one faculty or multiple faculty at the same time

  • Course level feedback as well as complete program feedback¬†

  • Operational dashboard that displays status of completion of feedback forms

  • Management dashboards with graphical color coded reports to highlight exceptions

  • Faculty is provided with summary as well as detailed reports (with open answers)

  • Categorization of questions, so they can grouped while reporting