Student Info

This is where all student related information is brought together to be displayed to parents, faculty and management in a crisp, clear and tabulated screen. It is built as a one stop area to obtain every bit of information about a student right from the date of joining the institution to their last college day.


  • Obtain factual data of the student in terms of contact details, parent details, attendance, academic test results, fee and library transactions

  • Requests for verification of student records is quick and easy.

  • View benchmarked student information that compares the student with average of the class.

  • Update and view qualitative information of student strengths and weaknesses. This information helps in conducting a good quality parent-teacher meeting.

  • Lookup information of any student studying at the institution currently or has passed out of the institution.

  • Engage a parent in discussions on progress of student – with complete data on hand.

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  • View and update student contact details

  • View student application form submitted at the time of admission

  • View academic results of all exams conducted till date for the student

  • Academic results are tabulated by year/semester

  • View summary information of the academic results and student ranking till date as compared to the peers

  • View attendance records of the student – starting with summary information, can be drilled down to the individual class level.

  • View and update student achievements and delinquencies

  • View fee payment history and due list

  • View list of failed exams, score for each repetition as well as final passing score

  • View list of current backlogs