The purpose of this module is to streamline student attendance data capture, monitoring and reporting process and make it easy for the institute to implement the defined attendance regulations.


  • Automate and streamline student attendance data capturing process

  • Reduce attendance defaulters at your institution

  • Reduce effort required by faculty for maintenance of attendance records

  • Eliminate errors in attendance reporting process

  • Manage by exception – system highlights attendance defaulters

  • Keep all stakeholders, including parents, informed with periodic alerts

  • Complete visibility into classroom activity for institution management


  • Easy entry of attendance information – takes less than 60 seconds for entry for a class

  • Multiple channels of attendance data capture – tailored to meet specific needs of your institution

  • Campus attendance and specific class attendance

  • Real-time reporting of attendance information on demand for students and parents

  • Integrated with class time-table and flexible to handle exceptions

  • Integrated with RFID card and bio-metric recognition systems (optional)

  • Attendance dashboards that display snapshot and trending views

  • Built in student leave management process

  • Can handle student electives and lab batches

  • Designed to calculate attendance percentage based on joining date of student

  • Tens of reporting formats to meet needs of various Universities

  • Edit attendance and attendance moderation for students by specific role

  • Configurable auto SMS alerts to parents (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

  • Variety of parent letters with increasing urgency for continued absence of student