To bring innovative information solutions to the market

This is our guiding philosophy.  Each product and solution that is delivered to the market will be a result of original innovation. No cloned applications that say - we can deliver the widget in just 30% of the cost of our competitor. At Winnou, innovation rocks! We innovate by bringing two different worlds together in a way that realizes productivity benefits and value to both the worlds. We don't talk about innovation - we walk it as well. 20% of every team members time is dedicated to self designed innovative projects.


Leverage increasing adoption of broadband, internet and mobile communication devices to deliver information to customers

The use of internet and mobile technologies is exploding, growing exponentially across the world, especially in India and other developing countries. This provides a highly interactive medium to deliver information and related solutions to the end customers. The solutions that Winnou develops will all be based on a single strategy - that they should be delivered over the the medium provided by Internet and mobile devices. This enables Winnou to develop highly leverageable solutions that are deployed once, but accessed by many customers.


Every living entity has specific values that it lives by. Similarly, Winnou will live and abide by these values

  1. Respect each individual stakeholder (be it customer, employee, potential employee or vendor - Winnou shall treat them with respect)
  2. Do not cheat (modeled after "Don't be evil" of Google)

Core Value Proposition

Winnou's value proposition is along these three lines
  1. Cost: Solutions are based on SAAS principles, inherently cost effective
  2. Value: Solutions and services are priced close to the value realization point. Winnou will earn every rupee/penny by merit
  3. Speed: Speed of delivery - by the sheer competence and process rigour that is followed in our delivery activities

Latest News & Events

ICFAI Tripura signs up
Thursday, 23 November 2017

Winnou is excited to partner with ICFAI University, Tripura. The University has signed up to use onEdu from the upcoming semester in Jan 2018.

onEdu at VJIM
Thursday, 02 March 2017

We are privileged to have VJIM as one of our partners. VJIM has signed up to use onEdu. Established in 1991 and one of the top ranked PGDM...

St. Francis College for Women
Saturday, 05 November 2016

The top ranked autonomous degree college in Hyderabad is the latest to sign up to use onEdu for managing its campus and student records....

PSGIM Coimbatore signs up
Monday, 11 July 2016

PSG Institute of Management, one of the top ranked B-Schools of the country, has signed up to use onEdu. Located in Coimbatore, PSGIM is part of...

iOS app onEdu myCampus in AppStore
Saturday, 09 July 2016

onEdu myCampus app is now available for iPhone and iPad users. Students, Parents and Facutly can now download the app and as register their phones...

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